Monday, 18 July 2011

I live to create

welcome to what is my first blog post,
so why the heading i live to create ? yes i know it sounds a bit  up myself but it is a question i ask my self every day and truth be told my wife asks me often as well.
what the hell drives me to spend countless hours traveling hundreds of miles in sometimes fowl weather to some remote spot sometimes only to find the light is not even worth getting my camera out.
what on earth possesses me to spend hour after hour working on images refining each small detail in order to produce an images that shows the landscape or person the way i saw them.
why oh why do i spend money like there is no tomorrow, buying the best possible kit to enable me to produce images that are the best they can be in a time when clients are feeling the squeeze or some just unwilling to pay the correct money for quality work , yes the obvious answer is its your job David that's why. true i do get paid for this but i have on countless occasions spent whole days working on images i wont get paid for WHY......why indeed.
there are so many answers to that question most of which make me look a bit mad truth be told but i think if you ask any creative person what drives them on to do more and you will get similar answers most just feel compelled to create things of beauty or to record and capture what they see even if no one paid them.

Abhainn shira

of course as a photographer i have to make a living but that drive to create beauty runs through my veins.
so working on personal projects is so important to me keeping the freshness in my work, helping keep the joy i had as a amateur snapper.
when the road trip is over and several hours  of postproduction is completed and you find you have at least one good image you sit sipping your coffee happy and contented with your day ready to do it all again tomorrow.

swimware shoot glasgow

i will in coming posts let you in to my wee world of photography sometimes explaining why or how i have arrived at the image i am showing the techniques  behind the shots and the creative thought process involved. in the meantime feel free to check out my main websites and also

speak soon


  1. I await my photographic manna

  2. That landscape shot is absolutely stunning David, I love it! I look forward to reading more xx

  3. thanks phil once i get some manna you will be the first to get it mate.

  4. thanks sian hope you are well i am off to pop into your blog now x

  5. Exellent Davi...Bloody brilliant blog x

  6. The last photo is awesome! she looks so tiny but still strong.

    Please keep updating us with new pictures.
    We are now following you!

    Kind regards,